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Bolarde, Torregosa grab awards in Alay Lakad
  • Post on September 21, 2018
  • By Admin

“From the rising of the sun down to its setting, our name will truly outshine the rest. For we truly believe that a Consolatrician will always be the best,” said Vince Jivson Torregosa and Mary Kristine Bolarde in their production number on the Alay Lakad 2018 pageant.

Bolarde and Torregosa, both high school students, represented the school in joining the Mr. and Ms. Alay Lakad 2018 on September 20 at the Toledo City Barba Sports Complex.

Bolarde was crowned as the Miss Alay Lakad 2-19 with the monetary value ₱245, 040.00, offered to the scholars of the Alay Lakad foundation, and Torregosa as the 1st runner up with ₱15, 870.00. Both Consolatricians garnered multiple awards, all in all Bolarde received the awards: Best in Prodction Number and Most Cooperative, while Torregosa receiver the Best in Formal Attire. The two representatives also won the Best in Talent award last September 13 which was presented with their dance drama about the Marawi siege last 2017.

The Consolatricians from the Junior and Senior High School also participated in the Alay Lakad for a cause last September 23 at the Toledo City grounds. “I, as a first timer of these prestigious pageants, never expected to be chosen for my school, and I am grateful encase I have helped the less fortunate in these ways,” Bolarde added.