1. Strengthen fraternal charity through God-filled friendship and renewed evangelization.

2. Facilitate the integral development of the learnes towards transformation through current researchers, relevant curricular offerings and responsive community extension services.

3. Fortify leadership and professional development of stakeholders through continuing education and intensive Agustinian Recollect Spiritually.

4. Develop a community of Christ-centered Augustinian Recollect Stewards who are environmentally caring and global leaders.

5. Nurture one another in the shared mission for the sustainability of the AR schools and social relevance of programs and services.  


A life-giving and Innovation education ministry committed to transforming community of learners into Christ-centered Augustinian Recollect Stewards.


Magsaysay Hills, Poblacion
Toledo City


Email: cctci@gmail.com
Phone: ( 032 - 4679184 )
              ( 467 8771 ) 
              ( 260 8935 )