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Welcome To Consolatrix College of Toledo City Inc.

A private, Catholic school in Cebu. Developments for the school started in 1958 through the administration of the Augustinian Recollect Sisters. Its establishment was a response to the need to have a Catholic school in the city.
In 1961, the Consolatrix Academy began operation and opened its doors for high school students. A little more than two decades later, the academy began offering degree programs in Teacher Education, and so it was renamed into a college.

Elementary School

A school that provides the first part of a child's education, usually for children between five and eleven years old.

Junior High School

Junior High School (JHS) JHS comprises grades 7 to 10 (ages 12 to 16). Students who complete elementary education at grade 6 automatically progress to JHS.

Senior High School

Senior high school or SHS refers to the last two years of the K to 12 program that has been implemented by the Department of Education here in the Philippines since 2012 – namely, grades 11 and 12.


College is a tertiary institution that typically offer a number of specialized courses in the sciences, liberal arts, or in specific professional areas.

Courses Offered


Mr. Procoro Gonzaga

Program Head


Mr. Russel Tadena

Program Head


Dr. Maristela Remitar

Program Head

Mr. Niño Angelo Serentas



Dr. Josephine Tabal

Program Head

School Administrative Board

School Directress / Principal

Program Heads and Advisers

BSEntrep Program Head
BSHRM Program Head
BSIT Program Head
BEED/BSED Program Head
BSEntrep Adviser